1.8degree 42mm 2-phase hybrid NEMA17 stepper motor 42HS34-1304

85,000DT TTC

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Specifications: Model: 42HS34-1304A Motor length: 34mm Diameter of axle: 4.5mm The front shaft length: 20mm Static torque: 2.2kg.cm Size: 42mm*42mm*34mm Certification: CE, ROHS
Item Specifications Step Angle ;1.8 Degree Insulation Class; B Phase; 2 Voltage; 3.12 V Current; 1.3 A Resistence; 2.4 ? Inductance/Phase; 2.8 mH Holding Torque; 28 N.cm Mass ;0.22 KG Package Includes: 1 x 42HS34-1304A Stepper Motor